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Top 10 Hacking Apps for Rooted & Unrooted Android Devices

Top 10 Hacking Apps for Rooted & Unrooted Android Devices

By Admin •  2019-02-20T14:05:48.843Z •  Ethical Hacking


Hacking apps are one the most searched term and yet there are not satisfying results on the web. So, today we have comprehended the list of top 10 apps that every hacker would love to use. Basically, call them as hacking apps. And what if you are not a hacker? I bet you will still love these apps. These apps are no different than you regularly use like WhatsApp or Instagram but there is a twist in it. The app I am suggesting you are ones with a mod or simply say it as a feature.

This feature is not available on the official ones. For example, the mod of Instagram allows you to download any image or video you like in seconds. So without any due let’s jump on the list-

1) Kali Linux Nethunter –

The Kali Linux NetHunter project is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member “BinkyBear” and Offensive Security. NetHunter supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks – and is built upon the sturdy shoulders of the Kali Linux distribution and toolsets. Whether you have a Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Nexus 10 or OnePlus One we’ve got you covered. The freely downloadable images come with easy to follow installation and setup instructions to get you up and running in no time at all.

Link to Download Application – https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-nethunter-download/


2) WPS Pin Tester –

Do you want to know if your Wi-Fi is safe from intrusion or exploitation? or more simply if your Wireless Access Point is vulnerable to WPS Protocol? WPS Pin tester is the exact thing you need. With this hacking app, you can try to connect any Wi-Fi access point via WPS Pin. The Pins are calculated with the use of several algorithms through MAC Address and few from a local database. There are many connection modes including a brute force method. If you have root access then the password of any vulnerable Wi-Fi can be saved.

Link to Download Application – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tester.wpswpatester&hl=en_IN

3) Game Guardian –

Game Guardian is basically the app typically used by hackers for getting advantages and improvements in a game by modifying the contents of the game. It basically works using code injection method during runtime of applications for changing parameters or hacking third-party apps. This is the free application with lots of cheating methods. You also can change the app’s internal clock so as to get advantages by not waiting for hours for an upgrade or get lives to play the game.

Link to Download Application – https://gameguardian.en.uptodown.com/android

4) Lucky Patcher –

Hacking apps- Lucky Patcher

Do you love to use different types of Android applications and love to play games? So I can bet the most frustrating thing is in-app purchases. And there are few levels where it’s kind of difficult to complete without in-app purchases and you end up uninstalling them. So here is the best choice- Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is one of the best hacking apps has features to manipulate the inbuilt features like block advertisement, remove system apps, modify system apps, bypass license verification, modify app purchases, and much more.

Link to Download Application – https://techylist.com/lucky-patcher-apk-download/

5) Freedom –

This is another application used by hackers for getting unlimited resources in the game by unofficial ways offcourse and hacking apps in-app purchases. Basically, it will help you to get in-app purchases for free. Note that this application will work with most of the applications but not all. Freedom application cannot be found in the Google Play store or Amazon App Store but don’t worry we will leave a link here for you guys to download it.

Link to Download Application – https://freedomapkdld.com/

6) Zanti –

zANTI is a Zimperium’s application which is used for mobile penetration testing which gives the brief idea of the risk level of the network with just push of a button. This application enables you to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the techniques they use to compromise your network security. It gives an insight to an organization’s network and automatically diagnoses vulnerabilities within mobile devices or websites using a host of penetration tests including, man-in-the-middle (MITM), password cracking and Metasploit.

Link to Download Application – https://www.zimperium.com/zanti-mobile-penetration-testing

7) Wifi-kill –

Image result for wifi kill logo

So as I told you some methods before to hack someone else’s Wi-Fi, it raises the possibility that your Wi-Fi might be serving to uninvited guests too. Whenever you feel that your Wi-Fi is not giving you enough juice then there is a higher possibility that someone other is also using it without your permission. So what is the solution for that? Well, Wi-Fi kill is the best thing you can have. Basically, Wi-Fi kill helps to cut out unwanted guests using your Wi-Fi. This app will get installed in your phone and then you can remove all the user who shouldn’t be there using it.

Link to Download Application – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wifi.kill.com&hl=en_US

8) Cheatdroid-

Cheatdroid is an application specifically focused on the developers. Shared preference editor is it’s alternate identity. It allows you to debug and change the shared preferences of the applications that you use on your Android Phone. So basically this app will help you to control the amount of personal information your applications have access to. Cheatdroid is one of the best applications for hackers who take their privacy on the highest level.

Link to Download Application – https://www.apkmonk.com/app/com.felixheller.sharedprefseditor/

9) GB Instagram –

Instagram is as we all know a popular social site with millions of user. But the most irritating thing on Instagram is that it does not allow to download any image or video or status. Here GB Instagram is one of the hacking apps which allows you to download anything which is uploaded without using any third party applications. There are many such features like this in GB Instagram that are not present on any other app.

Link to Download GB Instagram – https://latestmodapks.com/gb-instagram-apk-download-android/

10) GB WhatsApp –

WhatsApp is as we all know a popular Messaging Application with millions of users worldwide. There are hardly any people who have an Android phone but not WhatsApp. The features which makes GB WhatsApp different from the Official WhatsApp are privacy, control of themes, send more and write more that is you can broadcast message to 600 people at once while sending 90 images instead of 30 at once, an increased file size of video sharing and much more.

Link to Download GB WhatsApp – https://latestmodapks.com/gbwhatsapp-download-latest-version-android/

You guys literally went through this article sincerely from top to bottom without bouncing back so I am adding a bonus application.

Bonus Application:

WhatsApp Auto Responder –

As everybody knows how much popular is WhatsApp is and how many people are using it, there are many WhatsApp groups to respond which is kind of boring or even frustrating in few cases. So what is the solution to it? It’s called AutoResponder for WhatsApp, and it lets you create rules which it will follow in order to send auto responses. You can basically setup specific responses for a specific group or individual accordingly and you won’t have to respond to every “Good Morning”, auto-responder will do that for you.

Link to Download Application – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tkstudio.autoresponderforwa&hl=en_IN

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