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How to Guess Passwords [16 Common Ideas to Hack Password]

How to Guess Passwords [16 Common Ideas to Hack Password]

By Admin •  2019-02-20T14:12:58.486Z •  Tips and Tricks

Have you given a thought to the common passwords that people used and led to hacking password? According to the research, 27 percent of people have passwords with consecutive letters and numbers like “12345” or “abcd” and whatnot.Not to mention passwords like incorrect password,abc123,password,”iloveyou”,qwerty,1111111 etc. Well, the rest of the people ain’t that smart but their passwords are little difficult to guess. Only 19 percent of the people have complex passwords and are difficult to hack even with the algorithm. The complex password mainly has the uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols. So today we have 16 common ideas for passwords of most of the people’s accounts. These ideas are in general hence can be extended or manipulated accordingly to hack password.

1) Mobile Number-

People do keep their own mobile number or their loved one’s mobile number as a password. Try out different phone numbers, you might get lucky on one of them.

eg: 7895461256 or 7894246895 People literally keep this as passwords..!!!

2) Nickname/ DOB-

This might sound easy or even stupid but the combination of nickname and birth date is quite common and widely used password. You just need to find their nickname and DOB, so you can try them out in different combinations.

eg: rocky1985 , chinu1997 etc

3) Partner’s/lovers phone number-

I did tell you about phone numbers earlier but this is a whole new category. Many people, especially lovers, keep their partner’s phone number as a password as it is difficult to guess according to them and easy to memorize for them.

eg: 7412356894, 8456128654

4) Partner’s Name-

If the phone number doesn’t work, then try for the names of their partner with their won in different combinations. These might work in lovers or married couple’s case but some do are an exception.

eg: priya007, iluvpriya, iloveemma etc etc

5) Bike Number-

This is usually a case of boys because it is a universal truth that boys love their bike more than anything and are emotionally attached to it. Try the bike number and sometimes the name of the bike in combination.

eg: mh26a902 , caer57 etc

6) Unused/ Old Phone Number parents or brothers-

Many people don’t change their passwords from the beginning of the world hence their is a slight chance that their old phone number is still their current password even they change their phone number.

eg: 8464984647

7) Pet Name-

This is the easiest one. If a person is an animal lover or has a pet like a cat or a dog, try their names too.

eg: sweetu007, sweetypie, micky21 etc

8) Closest Person’s name-

Just like phone numbers, people keep their closest’s person’s name as a password. That person might be a family member, first crush or best friend.

eg: samueladam, adam007 etc

9) Name + Favorite/lucky number-

People often believe in a favorite number and keep that as a password like my account’s password was “ryder7797” for a long time and 7 is my lucky number. Although I changed that to a new one, but others may have not changed it so keep an eye out for this option too.

10) Partner’s name + Favorite/lucky number-

Same as above, just their own name is replaced by their loved one’s name like their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name and lucky number.

eg: riya007 or radhu1997

11) Partner’s name + Own name + Lucky number-

This is another most popular variation which you might have used before or used it right now but its always worth a shot.

eg: samshriarch or omkarshashisid etc

12) Password + @123/@321-

@123 or @321 is still in the list of Top 10 most common passwords because it’s easy to remember and have fulfilled the criteria of adding a special symbol in the password.

Eg: [email protected] or [email protected]$$ etc

13)  Uppercase and Lower Case-

Many people find it difficult to remember the passwords with a random uppercased letter and lowercase letter so they often keep first and last letter as capital and rest as a small letter or vice versa.

eg: RydeRSdw007

14) Favorite movie star/ song/ movie-

People relate a lot to this… Many use their favourite musicians actors name as passwords

eg: Mjadam1997 etc

15) Favorite city names-

As far as I know, these cities are the dream destinations of the people hence keeping these has minimal chances of getting hack or password guess correctly so you might wanna keep this option open too.

eg: sawantwadi007, sawantwadi, iluvcal007 etc

16) Name in reverse-

A popular trick used by many to make it difficult to guess passwords. Still easy to crack

eg: rakmO007, [email protected]$$ etc

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