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Darknet Market List

Darknet Market List

By Admin •  2019-02-23T09:36:01.448Z •  Deep Web (Tor)


Considering I’ve been a Deep web Enthusiast for nearly a decade now, I’ve always searched for a definitive Darknet market list, a list which would get me not only the URLs but also a description comprising of the most important things about the markets.

Unfortunately, I could find none, either there were no Darknet markets lists, or they had a ton of dead links or were just URLs without any additional information. So I decided to cook one up myself and share it with you folks.

The primary objective here is to get you a long, very long Dark Net Market list, arguably comprising of every single Tor marketplace that exists out there, along with a pretty detailed, descriptive yet brief description of the marketplace’s most essential features without you having to access the marketplace.

Not just that, I’ll also include some necessary precautionary tools and tweaks to keep you safe on the Darkweb, along with explaining the legality of these marketplaces at the end of this Dark Web Markets list so make sure you scroll all the way down.

Darknet Market List

For now, let’s get started with the Darknet Market list that you came here for.

Dream Market

Tor URL: http://t3e6ly3uoif4zcw2.onion/

Market Overview:

Dream Market stands at the very top of this Darknet Market list for various solid reasons, the prime one being its already established reputation and age, it was established back in 2013 making it one of the oldest standing Darknet Markets.

The second reason being its stock of available products, as of today it has 133665 individual products on the marketplace making it arguably one of the most product-rich Tor markets in the industry.

It’s pretty secure as well allowing for 2-factor authentication using PGP, Multisig payments making sure no one party can move the funds without the approval of at least one other party, as well as a trustworthy and unbiased Escrow.

Coming back to products, it’s mostly dominated by Drugs (as is expected) with over 40% of the total listings being in the Drugs category, although everything else including counterfeits and digital goods are available.

Dream Market doesn’t allow trade of Fentanyl, Rape/Torture or Child Porn Material. It accepts payment via Bitcoin, although faster and cheaper currencies including Bitcoin Cash and Monero available as well. Being a vendor on the platform costs 0.1BTC.

WallStreet Market

Tor URL: http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onion

Market Overview

  • Age: 2 Years.
  • No. of Products: 12401
  • Security Features: 2FA/ Escrow / PGP / Multisig
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Monero
  • Forum: http://x7bwsmcore5fmx56.onion
  • Vendor Bond: 3 Plans- Basic / Pro / Trusted.

After Dream, the next marketplace which deserves to be termed as one of the best dark web markets pertaining to its age, reputation and no. of products on this Darknet Market list is WallStreet Market.

It has 12401 products to be exact, again dominated primarily by Drugs although everything else you expect to find on a Darknet Market is there; except Child Porn and related material of course.

On the security front, has everything the other markets discussed so far on this Darknet Market list offer including PGP, Multisig as well as a trustworthy Escrow. Additionally, has partnered up with DNM Avengers, a team of volunteers who try and test various products and vendors, making sure the products are pure and legit, and so are the vendors.

Both Bitcoin, as well as Monero, can be used to pay for products on the platform, unlike most other black market sites it has not one, but three vendor plans to fit the requirements of different vendors.

Empire Market

Tor URL: http://empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: 0.6 Years.
  • No. of Products: 6283
  • Security Features: 2FA/ Escrow / PGP / Multisig
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin.
  • Forum: http://empforumgfttfqnq.onion/index.php
  • Vendor Bond: USD 100.

Even though Empire Market doesn’t have as much experience as Dream Market, it still is coming out as one of the best Tor marketplaces. It looks and feels exactly like the former darknet market giant Alphabay, with security improvements.

It was formed just over 6 months ago and already has 6283 individual products listed on the marketplace. Again, the most well-stocked category being “Drugs” with over 50% of the total listings being in the category.

Child Porn, services which physically harm others such as kidnapping, murder, torture, etc. are banned along with prostitution. It allows “Porn” products though. Account security includes PGP support, 2-factor authentication as well as multisig transactions. Has an active Escrow which is to be used for most trades.

You can make payment using Bitcoin as well as Litecoin and Monero. Has an active forum which is free to join. Being a vendor isn’t free although is cheaper to most other contemporaries and is priced at just USD 100. It offers absolute vendor transparency for buyers.

Luna Market

Tor URL: http://lunamarmge6dadag.onion/

Market Overview:

  • Registration: Compulsory.
  • Security: MultiSig, 2FA,
  • Vendor Bond: Not Specified, but required.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • Listing: 1112 Products.

Luna Market is on this list because of the fact that it’s almost an anti-scam marketplace, first because it doesn’t ask users to deposit any funds prior to making a purchase. Secondly, it has multisig enabled hence vendors can’t be paid unless the order is finalized by the buyer.

Also, it provides a transparent view of the vendor’s profile and feedback from real-users so buyers get to know the vendor’s legitimacy before initiating a trade.

Currently, it has 1112 products, where over 500 products are listed solely in the Drugs category, Electronic items, Digital items, Fraud related products, Jewellery and even Hosting/Security products are available.

Valhalla Market

Tor URL: http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion

Market Overview

Valhalla could top this Darknet Market list pertaining to its 5-year experience and huge availability of products although what kept it from doing so is the withdrawal blocks the marketplace has been facing from quite some time now.

Registration on the marketplace is invite-only even though the market itself redirects users to places you can get links from; hence it’s more like a “who’s serious enough” check rather than actually needing an invite.

When it comes to products, it ranks only next to Dream Market with a massive stock of over 31617 products with Drugs dominating the product listings (again?) followed by everything else.

Considering its age, it has learned a thing or two from experience and has implemented nearly every security feature that any of those other best darknet markets offer including PGP, 2-factor authentication for accounts along with Multisig Transactions.

Although when it comes to currencies, it kept things traditional and accepts only Bitcoin as the payment method; this is another reason why it wasn’t placed earlier in this Darknet Market list.

Further, it’s arguably the most expensive marketplace to vend on, with a vendor-bond requirement of 1BTC.

SilkRoad 3.0

Tor URL: http://silkroad7rn2puhj.onion

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 45,000-55,000.
  • Security Features: Escrow, 2-FA, PGP
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero,
  • Forum: http://satri4bb5r56y253.onion/
  • Vendor Bond: USD 50 / USD 200.

SilkRoad 3.0 may not have any connections to the actual, original SilkRoad. However, it still is the most product-rich black market website on this Darknet market list with 45,000-55,000 individual listings again dominated primarily by Drugs. Child Porn, Weapons, and some other restricted materials are banned.

Accessing the site doesn’t need registration but does have a pretty hard captcha firewall.

Advanced features include an autoshop which automatically dispatches goods and stealth orders which can be placed without registration. Autoshop-only vendor accounts can be obtained for USD 50, while the normal vendor—bond is priced at USD 200.

It does support PGP along with 2-factor authentication and Escrow. Payment modes include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum as well as Monero. It’s pretty advanced with karma points, HALF-FE and quite a few other features.

Midland City

Tor URL: http://midcity7ccxtrzhn.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: 2 Years.
  • No. of Products: 11
  • Security Features: Escrow
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin
  • Forum: N/A
  • Vendor Bond: Individual Marketplace, doesn’t allow vending.

Midland city will only cater to the needs of buyers and not vendors, as it’s a marketplace run by an individual darknet vendor who doesn’t allow other vendors to sell on the marketplace.

It is an individually run marketplace, has only 11 products enlisted on the platform even though is mostly populated with drugs, also has 2 financial products which include Paypal accounts and Card dumps along with Porn accounts.

Again, it being an individual market doesn’t need any registration and because there are no accounts involved the need for PGP or 2-Factor authentication does not arise. It does offer the facility of Escrow for orders within USA and Canada. Shipping days are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays.

One of the few marketplaces which provides tracking ID along with orders for added trust doesn’t offer any refunds although does replace the items if defects can be verified. Buyers can buy products only using Bitcoin.

Point Market

Tor URL: http://pointgg344ghbo2s.onion

Market Overview

  • Age: 3 Years.
  • No. of Products: 7027
  • Security Features: Escrow/ PGP / 2-FA/ MultiSig
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin/ Bitcoin Cash / Ethereum
  • Forum: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/shoutbox
  • Vendor Bond: Free

Point Market formerly known as Tochka Market too is a market that’s been here long enough, 3 years to be exact and hence has some established reputation by now. It’s also open-source and is available in over 8 languages.

Registration is free and open for everyone. As for products it has 7027 individual listings as of today, it may not be as huge as Dream Market, or WallSt but 7000 is enough to cater to the needs of most.

Again, Drugs is the most well-stocked category as expected although it doesn’t allow selling Weapons, or govt. Secrets on the platform, everything in between in allowed including Jewellery, Counterfeits, Digital Goods, etc.

It too provides for 2-factor authentication using PGP, as well as Multisig transactions followed by an Escrow service for the trades. Using PGP is mandatory for vendors on the marketplace, and even grants buyers the power to report scammers and doubtful vendors to the marketplace.

The Escrow service grants both parties 7-days to dispute orders, after which the trade is considered complete. Products can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Bitcoin Cash.

Being a Vendor on the marketplace is free, although it’s not a welcome party for scammers and requires extensive vendor verification before accepting them.

Berlusconi Market

Tor URL: http://hky3mzk3jtmd4zt4.onion/?

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 19325
  • Security Features: Escrow/ PGP / 2-FA/ 6-digit PIN
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin/ Monero / Litecoin.
  • Forum: http://lokwbo54utdfvr4r.onion/
  • Vendor Bond: 0.04688039 BTC

It’s one of those marketplaces which for some reasons didn’t acquire enough attention or popularity which it very well deserved pertaining to its no. of available products and security features.

It has a total individual listing of 19,325 products which beats the number on WallSt. Market regardless of it being less popular, again it’s mostly dominated by Drugs with over 7,000+ individual listings, it allows nearly everything else including Weapons which is a rarity even for darknet markets.

Bitcoin, Monero as well as Litecoin can be used to pay on the platform. Although it doesn’t require users to “deposit” funds beforehand, instead the trades happen in real-time terminating any chances of an exit-scam by the marketplace.

Does have an Escrow as well as PGP and 2-Factor authentication followed by a six-digit PIN which further enforces its secure nature. Being a Vendor on the marketplace costs 0.04688039 BTC to be exact.

Dr. Bob

Tor URL: http://jackykb5wa6ujhfn.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: Approx. 6 months.
  • No. of Products:13
  • Security Features: None.
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • Forum: N/A
  • Vendor Bond: Vending not Allowed.

Dr. Bob is a marketplace run by a person who goes by the same name on other darknet markets; it’s a personal venture which leverages Dr. Bob’s reputation on other marketplaces for letting him sell directly to the users without having to pay marketplace commission.

Ordering isn’t automated and involves manually E-mailing Dr.Bob over 2 specific anonymous, secure services which have been listed on the platform. He can be paid only using Bitcoins.

Replacements are available only for U.S Citizens, although no refunds whatsoever to anyone are provided. Products are shipped around the globe without any location restrictions.

As for products has exactly 13 enlisted products, all in the “Drugs” category; also the buyer must use an anonymous E-mail ID to contact Dr. Bob and not traditional such as Gmail/Yahoo and so on.

No accounts involved hence security features not required, the only security feature in place is Dr. Bob’s established reputation which is an optional factor to believe in.


Tor URL: http://blackmarthw3vp7a.onion

Market Overview

BlackMart being one of the Russian Deep web markets isn’t easy to understand; although I could gather the fact that it currently has as many as 3492 individual products enlisted (78 less than what it had a month back).

It’s centered-around Drugs, with Marijuana holding the leading spot with as many as 1138 products followed only by Empathogens with a stock of 392 products.

The user-interface seems pretty easy for those who can understand the text, apart from that it probably allows vending but again the vendor-bond requirement wasn’t clear due to the language barrier.

Cave Tor

Tor URL: http://cavetord6bosm3sl.onion/

Market Overview

Cave Tor is marketplace which isn’t popular or product-rich and regardless of it being a multi-vendor marketplace is limited at only 231 individual listings. There is no restriction on the product-listings except “Child Porn,” hence weapons and the weirdest services too are available over there.

More than a marketplace, it’s a listing-board where different vendors list the products they’re selling, and hence the buying process isn’t automated, rather the buyers need to contact the vendors manually over E-mail after seeing the listings on the marketplace.

Even though it doesn’t provide for 2-FA or Multisig, does have an Escrow in place to facilitate the trades between buyers and the vendors. Which currencies are accepted depends on the vendor you’re buying from. Anyone can list their products on CaveTor free.


Tor URL: http://cannazonceujdye3.onion

Market Overview

CanonZone is one of the newest markets on this Darknet market list. It’s growing exponentially as just a month back it had only 27 individual listings, today that number has increased to 111 to be exact!

As the name suggests, it’s primarily a Cannabis marketplace although other drug categories too are available including Weed, Hash, etc. It supports Escrow as well as Multisig making the trades pretty secure.

Payment can be made either in Bitcoins, or Monero. It provides transparent vendor ratings and product details (including shipping details and locations). Being a vendor costs USD 250.

The French Connection

Tor URL: http://abyssopyps3z4xof.onion

Market Overview

  • Age: 5.3 years.
  • No. of Products: Not Displayed.
  • Security Features: None
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin only.
  • No forum.
  • Vendor Bond: Vending now allowed.

THC may just as well be the most popular duo-vendor marketplace on this Darknet market list. It’s exclusively a drug-only marketplace sells products such as Coke, Meth, and everything in between.

Users must sign up to make purchases; also even though they ship throughout the world; they’ve opted out USA and do not ship there.  They accept only Bitcoin as the mode of payment.

As it’s run by two individuals (Mr. Nice Guy & Nucleus) vending isn’t allowed over there, and it’s a buyer-only Tor marketplace. Again, no 2-FA or Escrow available; although users may use PGP for communications.

Onion Lab

Tor URL: http://p2dxfdbzpqosi3f5.onion/

If it’s “money” you’re seeking on the Darknet, Onion Lab is place which probably can cater to your needs.

It has everything starting from Paypal accounts, Wire Transfers, Western Union Pickups, to Credit and Debit cards!

Onion Lab can only be accessed after registering, that however won’t be a problem as the registration is free, as well as anonymous. They “preach” anonymity and hence no verification of any sort is required and insist on the email ID and other data being false.

Shipping time for products is impressive, especially for the Digital ones such as Paypal and W.U transfers which is less than one hour. For physical products, they offer “Express” as well as “Overnight” shipping, each chargeable at an extra USD $25.00 and USD $60.00 respectively.

The marketplace even though back in the days did allow Escrow, after a couple sour experiences refrain from it as of now. The ordering process is automated and doesn’t include manual E-mailing or any other such involvement.

All the products can be purchased using Bitcoins.

Dutch Drugs

Tor URL: http://dutchdr5gsol4dde.onion/

Market overview

  • Age: 1.4 years.
  • No. of Products: 12
  • Security Features: 2-FA
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash
  • No forum.
  • Vendor Bond: Vending now allowed.

As the name makes it pretty clear, it’s a drug-only marketplace again run by a single vendor/group of vendors and hence is quite limited when it comes to products. It offers drugs exclusively and not the other traditional darknet market products.

Currently, it has just 12 products on the marketplace, with 8 psychedelics, 2 Cannabis, 1 Dissociative and 1 in the “other” category. Even though there are some other categories, they’re listed at 0 products.

Registration is necessary to access the platform and supports 2-factor authentication for account login. You can buy goods here using Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero or even Dash. No vending is allowed and as the admins are the vendor’s Escrow isn’t supported, or required.


Tor URL: http://eeyovrly7charuku.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: 2.3 years.
  • No. of Products: 5
  • Security Features: None.
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin only.
  • No forum.
  • Vendor Bond: Vending now allowed.

CharlieUK is a darknet vendor known by the same name on other established marketplaces; this is his personal page where buyers can buy products directly without needing a market intervention.

It sells 5 products, in pre-specified quantities. The products include Haze, Cocaine, MDMA, Crack and Heroine. Ships items the next morning after receiving them for US orders; U.K orders may be delayed.

The order process is manual and via PGP encrypted E-mail. He can be paid only via Bitcoin; being a personal market doesn’t allow vending.

Apollon Market

Tor URL: http://apollionih4ocqyd.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: 6months.
  • No. of Products: 1064
  • Security Features: 2-FA, Mnemonic Code, 6-digit PIN, PGP, Escrow.
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin only.
  • Forum: http://apollionmy7q52qc.onion/
  • Vendor Bond: 100 USD.

The next marketplace on this black market website list is Apollon Market; it has mandatory registration requirement to access the site, although registration is free and anonymous.

It is a complete, multi-vendor marketplace letting other vendors sells on the market with a vendor bond priced at 100USD. And it is pretty secure and supports login phrase, 2-FA, six-digit PIN, Mnemonic code as well as PGP and Escrow!

Has a 100EUR vendor bond requirement, although provides 100% free accounts to established vendors on other marketplaces. As for products, it has 1064 individual listings with Digital Goods dominating the list having 881 products. It has banned child porn and Fentanyl and accepts the only Bitcoin as the payment mode.

Cannabis Grower and Merchant Corp.

Tor URL: http://cgmcoopwhempo6a5.onion/

Market Overview

The CGMC is a marketplace which requires registration before users can access the site. Also registration requires an invite-code which however can be obtained simply by clicking on the “get invite code” link on the registration page.

It specializes in Cannabis (obviously) which are well categorized into sub-types such as flowers, seeds and so on, the total number of products add up to 937. Both Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, can be used to pay for goods.

It doesn’t offer 2-FA or Multisig although Escrow is available. It does allow vending and provides free vendor accounts although vendors are charged 3% of their sales on all trades.

Glass Werkz

Tor URL: http://glasvyhbf444airs.onion

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 1
  • Security Features: Escrow
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • No Forum.
  • Vending not allowed.

GlassWerkz sells only one type of Narcotic product, in pre-specified categories. It’s a single-admin marketplace and hence doesn’t allow vending. The order process is automated.

At the time of compiling this Darknet Market list, it had a stock of 250g. of its product. Admin can be contacted over E-mail (encrypted). Primary shipment method is AusPostalExpress although regular shipping available too.

Provides Escrow when ordered via WallSt. Market. No advanced market or security options available or required. Payment can be made only via Bitcoin.


Tor URL: http://un62d2ywi33bho53.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 494
  • Security Features: Escrow / 2-FA/ Multisig
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • No Forum.
  • Vendor bond: 15% of sales.

The welcome page at UnderMarket makes two things clear. First, it doesn’t need deposits, or even registration to be used! And secondly, it uses Multisig for all its transactions hence establishing its anonymous as well as secure nature.

Has 494 individual listings and offers nearly all the traditional Darknet market categories including Drugs, Counterfeits, Digital Goods and so on. Has the unique feature of showing a products’ prep-times and delivery time. It offers extensive product and vendor details.

In addition to Multisig, also offers Escrow as well as 2-factor authentication. Payment can be done only in Bitcoins. Vendor account can be obtained free of cost although the vendors need to pay 15% of their sales to the marketplace and hence products are priced slightly higher than at other markets.

ElHerbolario’s Shop

Tor URL: http://elherbotsiddarol.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 3
  • Security Features: None
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • Forum: http://elherbotsiddarol.onion/?post_type=forum
  • Vendor bond: Not allowed.

A single-vendor shop, selling just 3 products, primarily leaning towards Cannabis although 4 sub-types available including Hash, Strains, Bio, etc.

Ordering is automated, and payments can be made only via Bitcoins. Product quantities are pre-specified and can’t be manually altered except for the provided quantity-brackets.

Delivery takes anywhere between 3-14 days based on the country you’re in. Purchases didn’t require a registration earlier, but just this week the liberty was taken away and hence now it’s mandatory.

Cocaine Market

Tor URL: http://cocain2xkqiesuqd.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 15
  • Security Features: None
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • No Forum.
  • Vendor bond: Not allowed.

Cocaine Market sells Cocaine! (Surprising, isn’t it?). It has precisely 15 individual listings on the marketplace, and all the products are pre-specified into specific categories from 1gm. to 1kilo.

The order process is manual; once Bitcoin is deposited to the wallet, a contact form is made available for further communications. There’s an additional USD 30 shipping fee on all items.

Only Bitcoin can be used as the mode of payment; account registration is mandatory to make purchases. No 2-FA or Multisig available. Single-vendor marketplace hence vending isn’t allowed.

Dutch Magic

Tor URL: http://x75csj7vzprjji5v.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 15
  • Security Features: None
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • No Forum.
  • Vendor bond: Not allowed.

Another addition to this Darknet Market list is Dutch Magic, a marketplace specializing in plant-based narcotics such as Weed, Hash, etc. It has a unique concept of member-based products, so apart from the general store; some products are available only to Gold and Platinum members.

Has around 14 individual products enlisted, in pre-specified quantities starting as low as 5gm. And going all the way up to 1Kg.

It is a single-vendor marketplace and hence doesn’t allow vending. Payment is made using Bitcoin only. Minimum order amount is set at 200EUR. Ships worldwide except USA, Netherlands, Israel, and Australia.

It does provide tracking information after purchase.  Delivery may take anywhere between 1-60 days. 50% Replacement is available for lost orders.

Pushing Taboo

Tor URL: http://pushingtabu7itqj.onion/

Market Overview

  • Age: N/A
  • No. of Products: 3
  • Security Features: None
  • Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin.
  • No Forum.
  • Vendor bond: Not allowed.

Pushing Taboo offers only 3 products enlisted in the LSD Blotters, Raw LSD Crystals, and Tryptamines category. It is a single-vendor marketplace and hence doesn’t allow other vendors to sell.

It lets you prepare custom orders with custom quantities and amounts. Registration is optional, and payment can be made only via Bitcoins. No Escrow / 2-FA available, however, PGP key is made public for vendor-trust verification on other marketplaces.

DeepMart Dark Web Store

Tor URL: http://deepmar57fbonfiw.onion/

A drug-free Darknet Market primarily concerning itself with Electronics, Carded Items, counterfeits, Hacking Services, Gift Cards etc. is what DeepMart markets itself as.

Doesn’t allow the buying or selling of Fentanyl, Harmful products, Weapons, Poison, Child Porn, material related to Murder, Rape etc.

Accepts payments via Bitcoins keeping things anonymous. Registration is mandatory, although no verification or personal details are asked for. Security features include Multisig Escrow as well as Buyer Protection (refunds). 

Vendor accounts can be purchased by depositing a refundable vendor-bond after contacting the support team manually. Has extremely easy and professional layout.

Legality and Security of these Darknet Markets

As promised in the initial section of this Darknet Market list, let’s discuss the legality of these deep web markets briefly.

As these marketplaces are on the Tor network, they’re pretty secure already, and your identity remains safe as long as you manually do not reveal any compromising information such as address, name, contact number or anything else.

Additionally, you can opt to use a VPN which would offer you the maximum level of security that exists out there in which case you’d be virtually untouchable.

It’s not illegal to “Access” these darknet markets, although buying/trading on these markets is completely illegal and can result in serious jail-time if caught.

We do not encourage you using the marketplaces. They’re shared here only for educational and research purposes, using them towards any end is entirely and solely your own responsibility.

Final Words on Darknet Market List

Darknet Market list ends here, we got you 23 markets in this black market websites list which we suppose is a good enough number and would cater to almost each of your needs, isn’t that right?

Note that we’ve verified the working status, product-count and security features of each of these marketplaces manually, but they’re still subject to change with time.

Also, the legitimacy of any of these marketplaces isn’t something we guarantee although as of right now only those marketplaces have been included which do not have overwhelming negative reviews yet.

Do let me know if this Darknet market list helped you out, or if you’ve used some other marketplace which you’d like us to include over here.

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