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How to Hack Any Wi-Fi using WPS PIN Tester..!!

How to Hack Any Wi-Fi using WPS PIN Tester..!!

By Admin •  2019-02-24T10:46:02.158Z •  Ethical Hacking

Hack Wi-Fi in just 3 easy easy steps? Sounds fishy right, but I assure you it’s not. So as the title of this article says it clearly that I will guide you on hacking Wi-Fi tutorial. It’s really very simple and you won’t have to write or run any complex script or whatever, just some simple steps using WPS PIN Tester mobile application. This method can be used by both rooted and unrooted phone users so no worries about that here. Although the rooted phone will get you more features still unrooted one works pretty well. Enough with the theoretical knowledge and let’s get to the practical, shall we?

Disclaimer– This Application is for Educational Purpose only and we will not be responsible for any illegal activities performed by you.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and Search for WPS PIN Tester Application. Install it and provide necessary permissions.

Step 2: Enable your Device’s Wi-Fi. On running the application, you will see all the Wi-Fi signals available in your area or within the range in three different colors: Green, Yellow & Red. Green ones are easy to hack while Yellow ones are moderate and Red ones are difficult. The Success rate goes low accordingly to the colors from green to red.

Step 3: Click on the Wi-Fi which shows in green, if not available then try for yellow and red as the last option. But try green and yellow first.

Step 4: After you click on the signal, you will see the methods to be used to hack Wi-Fi. The methods will be Connect Automatic with trying all pins, Belkin and Arcadyan Algorithm, Bruteforce, Custom pin, Manual Pin, and Try Pin NULL.

Step 5: Select Connect automatic with trying all pins as it has the highest rate of success.

Step 6: Wait for a few minutes (mostly 5-7 minutes) and you will be connected to the Wi-Fi- if successfully hacked. If you have root access then you can also see the password but if you don’t then you will just be connected to the Wi-Fi.

BONUS: If you are Mi phone user then some of you may have an option of Sharing Wi-Fi which can give you the password of hacked Wi-Fi if your phone is not rooted.

Enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

Happy Hacking..!!

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