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Download Apex Legends APK! Don’t Fall For These Scams

Download Apex Legends APK! Don’t Fall For These Scams

By Admin •  2019-02-28T12:51:49.173Z •  Tech News


There is a lot of desire to play Apex Legends on iOS and Android, and not only that even those who are directly responsible for the game do not deny that they intend to bring the game to mobile platforms later, but today there is no official application of the title, of course, Apex Legends is available neither in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

However, the passion for the game of EA has led to many cybercriminals trying to hook new victims with the excuse of downloading the Apex Legends APK for Android. It is a really intelligent strategy because we already saw how in the past Fortnite, the main competitor of Apex Legends, started its download period for Android without going through Google Play.

Hence, for this reason, many users might think that Apex Legends is already available for Android when, in reality, all the APKs of the game that you can find all over the Internet are fake and, as a consequence, you can put at risk private data of your smartphone or device.

As reported by the well-known security company, of course, ESET, multiple YouTube channels, and several other malware developers have released a fake Android APK that allegedly allows Apex Legends to be installed on the Android device. The danger is so real that the APK file has been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times in just five days, the time ESET has taken to discover this malicious file.

As usual in these cases, Apex Legends’ fake APK for Android most likely hides malware, ads, spyware or any other content harmful to our smartphone, a practice that has already been repeated several times in the past. Successful titles like Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, etc., and not only that even still today you can find apps related to Clash of Clans that sneaks into the Google Play Store with malware. 

The developers of the game (Respawn Entertainment) have not released the mobile version of Apex Legends yet, and it seems that we will have to wait a long time before the title reaches iOS and Android. At the moment the only way to play Apex Legends is to do it from PS4, Xbox One or PC. Hence, for now, we recommend you all that you all should avoid downloading the fake APKs that harm the data and privacy of your device.

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