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Greatest Android Apps Not Listed In Google Play Store

Greatest Android Apps Not Listed In Google Play Store

By Admin •  2019-03-05T07:20:55.598Z •  General


Most mobile smart device users have read and viewed some of the numerous articles and videos expounding the virtues that surround the abundance of Android apps listed on Google’s Play Store.

However, due to Google’s massively restrictive internal policies that necessarily must attempt to respect the views, morals, beliefs, and desires of the greater majority of users, many astonishingly good apps never make their entry into its trusted, highly respected, hallowed, and at times beleaguered halls.

In this article, we wish to highlight some of the best apps that do, for some obscure reason or policy, not qualify for inclusion in the Google Play Store. Please note that prior to the installation of any of these apps, if you have not already done so, you may need to enable your device’s Installation from the “Unknown Sources” option available from its security settings menu.

For Audio Visual Entertainment: Popcorn Time

What is the first thing that jumps to mind when you hear the words Popcorn Time? Movies, right? Popcorn Time, as its name suggests, is all about watching the latest movies and television series. Quite similar in functionality to its Windows cousin, the app allows you to stream the latest in movies and television series, watching it directly from the app in full HD on your Android tablet/phone or screen-sharing/mirroring it to watch on your smart TV.

App For Audio Visual Entertainment

This means you will be unless you’re on an extremely affordable LTE mobile data package, well advised to have your device remain firmly connected to a good broadband Wi-Fi source whilst video streaming or it could potentially very quickly become a quite costly affair.

So, if you love movies & popcorn on a Friday night, or any other for that matter, you will quickly consider Popcorn Time an essential must have. Despite downloading not really being offered as an official option, make a reminder to regularly check and clear your download folder as the file may remain behind as a large download file.

A web search for similar apps may deliver results such as Showbox and numerous others, but Popcorn stands alone in its delivery of a high-quality bug/lag free app which also happens to come blessed with a far more comprehensive selection of titles when compared to any of its peers.

That in itself is perfect for moviegoers, but others perfect the visual impact of live sports betting that is found with sportsbooks offered at Nostrabet, an online site that focuses on providing detailed information about the online sports betting industry and the apps available to punters, both directly via the sportsbooks but also the Google play store.

It simply stands head & shoulders above the rest, you even have the option to watch an official trailer prior to selecting the full video, or view movies made in foreign languages with subtitles if you so prefer!

The Non-Google Play Store Life: F-Droid

Loving the great functionality provided by the best non-Google Play Store listed apps after you’ve tried the one discussed above? Then install the F-Droid app for Android devices, while it does not specifically only list apps not in the Play Store it focuses on providing all open source apps from across the world.

Non-Google Play Store Life

Created to deliver some of the most helpful and innovative software anyone could wish for, it specifically allows you to explore, download and install open source products while its app catalog remains completely free from cracked or pirated software.

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