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Google’s New Patent Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone Plans

Google’s New Patent Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone Plans

By Admin •  2019-03-15T11:03:53.402Z •  Tech News


Before the official launch of the foldable smartphones, Google was also a part of the rumor mill to hop onto the bandwagon. Now, another patent filed by the company suggests that a foldable Google device is in the pipeline.

According to a report, the patent suggests that Google’s foldable smartphone will fold inwards, much like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, it will adopt a clam-shell smartphone design, folding horizontally, similar to the rumored Razr Phone by Motorola.

The smartphone (with a folding display) when folded, will result in some space between both the folds. The bendable section in the smartphone can be bent to a specified radius. Therefore, there is some space between the two halves.

google foldable patent
Image: PatentlyMobile

However, we lack details regarding the Google foldable smartphone specs.

google foldable patent
Image: PatentlyMobile

To recall, Google filed another foldable smartphone patent, which hints at two displays for the device. Additionally, Google has introduced support for foldable smartphones in the latest Android Q Beta 1.

In addition to this, ZTE’s patent also tips at its foldable smartphone, which is also expected to fold inwards in a vertical fashion, a reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold.

Just as a reminder, as the aforementioned is a patent, there is no confirmation on whether it’d turn into a product for users. So, we need to wait until something concrete pops up.

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