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Pocsuite3 : Open-Sourced Remote Vulnerability Testing Framework

Pocsuite3 : Open-Sourced Remote Vulnerability Testing Framework

By Admin •  2019-04-11T04:12:33.919Z •  Hacking Tools


Pocsuite3 is an open-sourced remote vulnerability testing framework developed by the Knownsec 404 Team.

It comes with a powerful proof-of-concept engine, many powerful features for the ultimate penetration testers and security researchers.


  • PoC scripts can running with attack,verify, shell mode in different way
  • Plugin ecosystem
  • Dynamic loading PoC script from any where (local file, redis , database, Seebug …)
  • Load multi-target from any where (CIDR, local file, redis , database, Zoomeye, Shodan …)
  • Results can be easily exported
  • Dynamic patch and hook requests
  • Both command line tool and python package import to use
  • IPV6 support
  • Global HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy support
  • Simple spider API for PoC script to use
  • Integrate with Seebug (for load PoC from Seebug website)
  • Integrate with ZoomEye (for load target from ZoomEye Dork)
  • Integrate with Shodan (for load target from Shodan Dork)
  • Integrate with Ceye (for verify blind DNS and HTTP request)
  • Friendly debug PoC scripts with IDEs
  • More …


pocsuite3 console mode

pocsuite3 shell mode

pocsuite3 load PoC from Seebug

pocsuite3 load multi-target from ZoomEye

pocsuite3 load multi-target from Shodan


Python 3.4+
Works on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, BSD


The quick way:

$ pip install pocsuite3

Or click here to download the latest source zip package and extract

$ wget https://github.com/knownsec/pocsuite3/archive/master.zip
$ unzip master.zip

The latest version of this software is available from: http://pocsuite.org


Usage of pocsuite for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal.pocsuite is for security testing purposes only.


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