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Top 5 Ransomware Viruses

Top 5 Ransomware Viruses

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One of the hundreds of things that almost every internet user has come across at some point, is one kind of computer virus or another. as you may have already get there a different types of mall we’re both in this article today we have decided to introduce you to some of the Ransome ones out there.

This malware is some malicious softwares that are specifically designed for cyber attacks and are categorised by the function of taking control of your computer, or all your files and data.

Ransomware viruses are designed in a way that they block your computer and require for you to make a payment to access the data on your computer again. In an attempt to regain access to your information you will end up paying the requested amount of money thereby making the creator of the malware richer in an illegal way.

I have decided to introduce to you in the following texts, some of the most notorious and common malware viruses that you may come across. There are different ways you can decrypt these viruses, but we will share that with you in a diffident article. In no particular order, here’s a list of the dangers on the internet that you must know.

1. WannaCry

WannaCry, also called WannaCrypt, showed up on the internet on the 12th of May 2017. At the time, the appearance of the WannaCry virus was the most significant internet hit of its kind in the history of malware.

This virus infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, and many big firms and organisations suffered from the attack. To decrypt their computers, these companies and other users were required to pay money ranging from $300 to $600. Imagine how much the creator of this bad guy made from such fraudulent activity.

2. Petya/NotPetya

Not long after the WannaCry attack, a fresh attack was launched against computers. This time, many companies and institutions were targeted yet again, but the goal was not money extortion. The new program was created to remind the formerly used Petya virtuous.

The previous WannaCry attack was different from this one because the target of Petya/Not Petya was the data that had already been destroyed. Phishing of emails was the medium through which the attack was performed, and the update for the accounting tool was also a way.

3. Bad Rabbit

In 2017, another very major attack took place, but the attackers had to wait until the 24th of October that year to launch it. This internet hit was reported in the Eastern regions of Europe and affected other parts of the world as well; it was done via ransomware known as Bad Rabbit.

The creator of this virus decided to insert it into some specific files that were strategically located on some very famous websites in the download form. Any unknowing user who innocently downloaded and installed the files would have their computers infected by the dangerous virus. The primary focus of the creator of this malware was not extortion of money but the collection of data however to regain access to your computer a user will be required to pay a certain fee before getting a key that would help them regain access to their data.

If the question on your mind is what the data stolen by the creator of the malware will be used for, I can’t give a direct answer. But the end result will be more money to the creator’s bank account because that’s always the primary goal.

4. Locky

Different ransomware has been created since 2017 and is we are to talk about the most successful ones; there is no way locky will not be listed. This is one virus that has been returned countless times, but each time it comes back stronger.

This infamous ransomware was spread online through spam campaigns, and numerous uses unknowingly got their laptops and computers infected through these campaigns. Another situation similar to this accord with some other malware and if a user downloaded the infected file automatically the virus will get installed on their computer, and such a user would lose access to all the data stored on that computer.

Many people who suffered from this attack ended up paying a ransom to obtain a decryption key that was designed to help them regain access to their data. Locky is still as strong as ever, and it is always lurking around the internet, so it is one malware that you need to be very careful of.

5. Jaff

With the launch of a new malware get ready for the launch of an even scarier and stronger one. Jaff is a software or malware that has so many similarities to locky primarily because it adopts the same manner of spreading the virus. this is one schema that was already confirmed as a successful one because phishing emails was a method that was used.

Jaff was able to send a massive number of emails in a short time. For instance, this malware was able to send more than five million infected emails in less than an for.

One other reason why this malware was very scary, or still is a terrifying one is that the ransom users will be required to pay in order to regain access to their data was more than ten times higher than what other malware requested. Take for instance, while people paid $300 to restore access to their data with other malware, this particular one requested them to pay as high as 3000 dollars.

Needless to say that the creator of this malware is a millionaire or even a billionaire right now and is probably still getting much more money as the malware still lurks on the internet.

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