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How to Create a Bootable macOS Mojave USB Install Drive

How to Create a Bootable macOS Mojave USB Install Drive

By Yashdeep Raj •  2019-05-12T17:22:36.984Z •  MacOS


1. There are some important file you have to download first. You must have USB Flash Drive the capacity should to 16GB or the larger is the better. You have get the USB Drive from Amazon if you don’t have one yet. Further remember that, the drive which you are going to use for the Bootable USB installer. It will be completely erased the data from USB drive. Therefore, if you have important files in it. You must save it somewhere.

2. Moreover, you need to download macOS Mojave installer to a mac machine. Further, I will explain. How you can download the installer from app store from a machine.

How to Download macOS Mojave

First, you have to download macOS mojave installer in your mac machine. But, remember, if you have already download that for the updating the mac operating system. Then you can not use that file further. Because, when the installer will update a mac operating system. Then it will remove itself after completion of updates. Therefore, you have to download macOS mojave installer one again from the mac app store.

Moreover, To download the macOS Mojave installer follow the steps below. Also remember that it it free and legal to use to install on any mac operating system. Either, it is macBook, macAir or iMac.

Step 1. You have to get macOS Mojave for mac app store from the link below.

macOS Mojave Dowload

Step 2. The file is around 6 GB. Therefore, If you have slow internet. You have to wait for quite sometime. That the download should completes.

Step 3. After downloading will finishes. The installer will run automatically to update the operating system. Therefore, you must stop to run the installer. Therefore, you have to take a copy of the installer somewhere else. May be you could take it to another system. Because, the installer file will be removed after the installation successfully complete. therefore, it is best idea to take it’s copy for the future use.

How to make macOS Mojave installer USB boot Drive

Let’s go directly to make macOS mojave installer USB Boot drive. Therefore, follow all the steps below.

Steps 1. You must make sure that the file “install macOS mojave.app” installer file is placed on Applications directory.

Step 2. Further, you have to connect USB Flash Drive to the mac machine.

Step 3. Next, you have to open the terminal application. You can find the terminal application on Applications>Utilities> Folder.

Step 4. Drag the USB flash drive volume into the terminal window.

Step 5. Press Return on the Keyboard to submit the full command.

Step 6. Type a ‘y’ to continue when prompted, and press return on the keyboard.

That’s it. You have successfully completed the procedure. Further, It will delete everything from USB drive. And, it will next copy the files from installer to USB Drive.

However, remember that it will take around 20-30 minute to copy complete files from installer to USB Drive. Therefore, you have to wait for the procedure to complete.

Once, the file copied on the USB drive. You have to restart you mac system while holding the Option Key. Select the macOS Mojave Installer to get started.

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