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How To Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile

How To Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile

By Admin •  2019-08-01T11:02:14.497Z •  Tips and Tricks


WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users as of July 2019. One common question about the app is whether it is possible to tell who has viewed your profile within the app. Can you see if anyone is checking you out or stalking you on the app? Can you control who sees your status, updates or who can contact you? In this article, I will answer these questions and more.

Controlling Your Privacy on WhatsApp

As with any social network, there are people who you don’t want to be in contact with online. How much control does WhatsApp give you over who can see your information? In fact, you have a great deal of control over this information. WhatsApp lets you control who can see when you were last online, who can see your profile photo, who can see your “About” information, who can see your status, whether or not you send read receipts upon request, and whether you share your live location. For the “who can see” questions, the available settings are everyone (anybody can see the information), contacts only (only your direct contacts in the app can see the information) or nobody.

Changing these settings is very easy.

  1. Go into the Settings.
  2. Select “Account”
  3. Select “Privacy”
  4. Make the changes you wish to your privacy settings.


Can You See Who Viewed Your Profile?

Seeing who viewed your profile is very simple in WhatsApp: you can’t.

WhatsApp does not maintain logs of who has viewed whose profile. Profile visits aren’t counted or displayed. There are apps (banned from the app store, that must be sideloaded onto your phone, which should tell you something) that claim to be able to provide this information, but they aren’t telling the truth. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your views on privacy) it’s simply not possible to see if someone has viewed your profile or not, other than by asking them.

Can You See If Someone Is Stalking You?

Basically, no. WhatsApp is, at bottom, a very simple app. If someone wants to talk to you, they can call or send you a text if they have you in their contacts or if you can be found via a search. The most anyone can do to stalk on WhatsApp short of getting in touch with you (at which point you know they’re a stalker, obviously) is to check your profile out for changes. But WhatsApp isn’t a social media app in the way that things like Facebook are; generally you put your status information on your profile and then forget about it. Other than watching your status, there just isn’t any information for a stalker to collect, and there’s no way for you to see that they’re paying attention.

Can You Control Who Can Contact You on WhatsApp?

The basic way to control being contacted on WhatsApp is to keep your phone number private. If someone you don’t want to be contacted by gets your phone number somehow, you can block them. It’s very simple and works right away.

  1. Open the profile of the person you want to block.
  2. Tap “Block” and/or “Report Contact”.
  3. Confirm the block.

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