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Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android 2019

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android 2019

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Well, if we talk about the most popular instant messaging app, without any doubt, it will be WhatsApp. There are plenty of instant message apps available on the Google Play Store, but none of them come close to WhatsApp. WhatsApp for Android offers users far more features compared to all other instant messaging apps available on the App stores.

WhatsApp is more than an instant messaging app because it also allows users to make free video and voice calls through the internet. Not just that, but you can also share files through WhatsApp. However, just like all other instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is not perfect.

If you have been using WhatsApp for Android for a while, then you might know that the app puts some restriction on users like you can’t send huge files, it lacks privacy options, you can change themes, you can block contacts from calling you, etc.

It’s worth to note that using the modded version of WhatsApp might get your account banned. So, make sure to use those at your own risk. So, let’s explore some of the best WhatsApp mods for Android 2019

#1 GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is one of the best and most popular WhatsApp Mod available for Android users. Guess what? GBWhatsApp provides users far more features compared to the official WhatsApp app. With GBWhatsApp for Android, you can customize Android with themes, upload video status without time limit, create stickers, send up to 90 photos at once, etc. Not just that, but GBWhatsApp also provides users lots of privacy options like hiding the typing status, hiding the double tick, etc.

#2 WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is another best WhatsApp Mod Apps on the list which is pretty much similar to the GBWhatsApp for Android. A Spanish developer created the WhatsApp mod, and it brings a wide range of privacy options. With WhatsApp Plus, you can easily hide blue ticks, typing status, last seen, etc. Not just that, but with WhatsApp Plus you can also set auto-reply and schedule messages. So, WhatsApp Plus is definitely the best Android WhatsApp Mod that you can use today.

#3 YoWhatsApp


If you are searching for a WhatsApp Mod that will offer you a new style of replying to the messages, then YoWhatsApp might be the best pick for you. YoWhatsApp features a unique style of chat bubbles and it shows every message in a pop-up. Other features of YoWhatsApp includes hiding typing status, blue ticks, send videos up to 50MB, Download status, etc. Not just that, but YOWhatsApp also allows users to lock conversation with PIN or Password. So, WhatsApp is another best-modded version of WhatsApp 2019 that you can use today.

#4 OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp

Just like all other modded version of WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp also offers users plenty of features. However, the main focus of OG WhatsApp is to provide users enough privacy options. So, you can expect tons of privacy options like password protecting chats, hiding blue ticks, hiding typing status, blocking contacts from calling, etc from OG WhatsApp. Yes, you can also schedule messages with OG WhatsApp. So, OG WhatsApp is another best WhatsApp Mods 2019 that can be used today.

#5 FMWhatsApp


FMWhatsApp is another popular WhatsApp Mod Apps available for Android users. Just like all other WhatsApp mods, FMWhatsApp also provides users multiple themes to customize their WhatsApp interface. The app also offers users bund of privacy options like hiding last seen, hiding blue ticks, hiding typing status etc. What makes FMWhatsApp more popular is its Anti-ban feature which minimizes the changes of account ban. So, FMWhatsApp is yet another best WhatsApp mods 2019 that you can use.

#6 GBWhatsApp MiNi

GBWhatsApp MiNi

As the name of the app says, GBWhatsApp MiNi is the lightweight version of GBWhatsApp regular app which runs on a low-end smartphone. Since its a lightweight app, the app can run on smartphones with less RAM and CPU power. Although bring a lightweight app, GBWhatsApp MiNi fills all missing needs of WhatsApp users. Some of the great features of GBWhatsApp MiNi includes Anti Revoke, DND Mode, Status Downloading, etc.

#7 WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA is a less popular modded version of WhatsApp that you can use on your Android device. The great thing about WhatsApp MA is that got multiple theme support – Light and Dark. Apart from that, WhatsApp MA also provides a few other customization options like changing font text, font size, etc. So, WhatsApp MA is another best WhatsApp mod that you can use right now.

#8 WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime is one of the best WhatsApp mod app available on the internet which you can use today. The great thing about WhatsApp Prime is that it brings in a wide range of features and customization options. On WhatsApp Prime, you can change the theme color, text color, text font, etc. Not only that, but WhatsApp Prime also offers privacy features as well like hiding the typing status, blue ticks, etc.

#9 ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp

Well, ZE WhatsApp is one of the oldest WhatsApp mod apps on the list which was launched before WhatsApp introduced the GIF feature. ZE WhatsApp is the first WhatsApp Mod to introduce GIFs on the platform. However, since WhatsApp officially got the GIF feature now, it’s losing its popularity. The modded version of WhatsApp packs some powerful customization and privacy features as well.

#10 WhatsApp Tweaker

WhatsApp Tweaker

WhatsApp Tweaker which is also known as WA Tweaks is not exactly a modded version of WhatsApp, but it helps users to tweaks some feature of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Tweaker Android app basically allows users to change some of the functionality of the original WhatsApp app. With WhatsApp Tweaker, you can easily avail the hidden features of WhatsApp, anti-revoke messages, etc.

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