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Hackers Can Decode Your Passwords Just From The Sound Of Typing

Hackers Can Decode Your Passwords Just From The Sound Of Typing

By Yashdeep Raj •  2019-08-22T09:46:27.058Z •  General


It doesn’t matter how strong your computer security is, hackers will always find a way to crack your passwords. Recently, researchers at Southern Methodist University in Texas have found that hackers can crack your passwords just by listening to the sounds of your keystrokes.

The microphone of smartphones could allow hackers to figure out your password in just a few minutes. While typing on a computer keyboard, sound waves are produced which can be decoded by a hackers’ smartphone. What’s more fearful is that these sounds can be audible even in crowded or noisy places like public transport, coffee shops, etc.

How does the attack work – In Detail

As we all know, our smartphone’s microphone is always in an active state, until the phone is switched off. So, the smartphone’s microphone can pick up the sound waves that are produced when we type a password in the computer or laptop keyboard. These sound waves are processed, allowing hackers to understand which keys were being pressed.

What’s worse is that a person would have no clue that they are being hacked. This thing is done silently and works even in noisy environments like a coffee shop, public transport, etc.

Eric C Larson, one of the two lead authors and an assistant professor in SMU Lyle School’s Department of Computer Science said “We were able to pick up what people are typing at a 41pc word accuracy rate. And we can extend that out above 41pc if we look at, say, the top 10 words of what we think it might be”

However, the research team found a few challenges for this attack. The attacker would need to know the material type of the table on which the victim is type like metal, plastic surface, etc. because each of them produces a different sound.

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