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How to Change Your IP Address

How to Change Your IP Address

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The IP abbreviation in IP address stands for internet protocol. It is a string of numbers which serves as an identification number of your system on the internet. You get your IP from your router. There is a private IP your computer uses for a local network and there is a public IP for identification of the internet.

If you decide to change your IP address for whatever reason, you can do it on your own. Perhaps you want to avoid location restrictions of some sites or maybe bypass an IP ban. Either way, this process is not difficult, as you are about to see.

Reasons to Change Your IP Address

Besides avoiding restrictions imposed by certain websites, there are many other reasons why one would want to change the IP address. Sometimes it is necessary, for example when a faulty router gives you an IP address that’s already in use, or your address has an incorrect numeric range.

Wrong IP address configurations happen all the time. On top of that, you might want to set a new IP address on your brand new router or reconfigure your existing home network. Below we’ll explore the ways to change your IP address on Windows and macOS.

Reasons to Change Your IP Address

How to Change Your Private IP Address

Your private IP address, also known as your computer’s IP address will sometimes require changing. This address identifies your system on a local network, whether at work or home. You can check out the IP address you have any time through Command Prompt.

On Windows 10, you should type out cmd in the Start menu’s search bar, and click on the Command Prompt app. Now you need to type in IPConfig and press Enter in Command Prompt. Your IP address is the string of number adjacent to the IPv4 address.

You can write your IP address down, alongside the default gateway and subnet mask. You will need that later if you want to change your IP on your own.

People who only want to change their IP, without hassling with its inner workings, you can reset your router. This will give a new IP address to every device that is connected to the router, once it goes online.

How to Change Your Private IP on Windows

Follow these steps to change your private IP address on any Windows computer running Win 7 and above:

  1. First, you need to open the Control Panel via the Windows search bar. Then click on View network status and tasks, which should be in the Network and Internet tab.
  2. Next, click on Change adapter settings in the menu to the left.
  3. Right-click the main internet connection (either Wi-Fi or Ethernet), then choose Properties from the screen that pops up.
  4. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) which should be found under Networking. After that click on Properties.
  5. Click on Use the following IP address. Type in a new IP address in the field to the right. Best stick to the numbers you gout automatically from the router. Only change the last number with a value from 0 to 255 (it varies from router to router).
  6. Then you should type in the subnet mask and default gateway you previously wrote down.
  7. Lastly, near the bottom of the window, enter the numbers of your default gateway into the preferred DNS server.
  8. You’ll need to confirm twice.
  9. Test your connection in your browser, if it’s working, you did everything right.

How to Change Your Private IP on macOS

You can change your private IP on macOS fairly easy. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and select System Preferences from the pop-up window. Click on Network to the left, and choose your network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on what you are using).
  2. Your IP address should be at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Advanced in the bottom-right corner and then choose TCP/IP from the next menu.
  4. Click on the Configure IPv4 dropdown menu. Select DHCP with manual, which will let you type in the new IP address. Stick to the number pattern of your router.
  5. Confirm what you entered with Apply. In case you connect to the internet connection, you were successful.

How to Change Your Public IP Address

Changing your public IP address on any operating system, not just Windows is not as easy. You can’t do it on your own, because it is assigned to you by your ISP. You would have to contact them and say you want your IP address changed.

A better solution to this problem is to start using a VPN (a virtual private network). Some VPN service providers offer it for free, but the paid ones are usually better.  A VPN won’t allow you to choose a specific IP address, but they have tons of servers and most of them offer very secure connections.

How to Change Your Public IP Address

Moving to a New Address

Changing your private IP address is not difficult, is it? However, a public IP address is slightly harder to reconfigure. You will have to call your ISP and check if you can even change it. Otherwise, using a VPN service is always a good choice, because it adds more privacy and security to your internet connection.

Share your thoughts and ask any questions regarding the topic in the comments right below.

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