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Microsoft To Fix Windows 10 ‘High CPU Usage’ Bug Caused By KB4512941

Microsoft To Fix Windows 10 ‘High CPU Usage’ Bug Caused By KB4512941

By Yashdeep Raj •  2019-09-09T05:39:07.946Z •  Windows


Microsoft has updated its support page to acknowledge the issues that Windows 10 users have been facing because of a cumulative update KB4512941, released on August 30.

Some users complained about high CPU usage after installing the update and results not showing up in Windows Search. Microsoft says that these issues are related to SearchUI.exe and only occur for users who have disabled searching the web using Windows Search.

The company is working on a fix, and an update will be released sometime around the middle of September.

Ironically, KB4512941 is a non-security update released to prevent excessive CPU usage when a user jumps between apps or hovers over the Taskbar. Being an optional update, it didn’t automatically install on Windows 10 device and so didn’t affect a huge number of users.

It also addresses other issues such as preventing blank tiles from appearing on the Start Menu, fixing Spatial Audio issues for games, fixing black screen that appears during Remote Desktop connections, etc.

High CPU usage is a problem common to many Windows users There could be many other reasons that can trigger high CPU usage on a machine, for instance, it can be caused by the ntoskrnl.exe process on Windows 10.

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