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Tangalanga : The Zoom Conference Scanner Hacking Tool

Tangalanga : The Zoom Conference Scanner Hacking Tool

By Yashdeep Raj •  2020-06-23T02:29:20.220Z •  Unix & Linux


Tangalanga is a Zoom Conference scanner. This scanner will check for a random meeting id and return information if available.


First try to see if there’s any prebaked version for the date: https://github.com/elcuervo/tangalanga/releases.
This versions already have a token ready to use.
Either way you can find the Windows, Linux and Mac version on Releases https://github.com/elcuervo/tangalanga/releases.
Download, uncompress and enjoy.


This are all the possible flags:

tangalanga \

-token=user-token \ # [default: env TOKEN] user token to use.
-colors=false \ # [default: true] enable/disable colors
-censor=true \ # [default: false] censors output
-output=history \ # [default: stdout] write found meetings to file
-debug=true \ # [default: false] show all the attmpts
-tor=true \ # [default: false] enable tor connection (will use default socks proxy)
-hidden=true \ # [default: false] enable embedded tor connection (only linux)
-rate=7 \ # [default: ncpu] overwrite the default worker pool
-proxy=socks5://… \ # [default: socks5://] proxy url to use


Unfortunately I couldn’t find the way the tokens are being generated but the core concept is that the zpk cookie key is being sent during a Join will be usable for ~24 hours before expiring. This makes trivial to join several known meetings, gether some tokens and then use them for the scans.

Tokens can be sniffed after a join attempt to a meeting. This means that to “fish” a token you’ll need a setup that can sniff traffic and also spoof certificates.

Using Wireshark, Charles or any other of the ssl-proxying-capable tools out there will do the trick.

TOR (only linux)

Tangalanga has a tor runtime embedded so it can connect to the onion network and run the queries there instead of exposing your own ip.

For any other system I recommend a VPN

Why the bizarre name?

This makes reference to a famous 80s/90s personality in the Rio de la Plata. Doctor Tangalanga who loved to do phone pranks.

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Yashdeep Raj
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